2018 Year in Review – New Faces, New Projects, New Goals

2018 Year in Review – New Faces, New Projects, New Goals

2018 Year in Review – New Faces, New Projects, New Goals 5834 4167 DAY Vision Marketing

A lot can happen in one quick trip around the sun.
It’s always amazing to look back at a single year and take stock of accomplishments, milestones, and even the occasional shortcoming. One year isn’t really a long time, but we managed to make it an amazing year by welcoming new friends, clients, and partners, and even a few new members to our growing family of talented creatives and professionals.

In addition to a host of exciting new projects, we continued to refresh and build on our long-term partnerships and brands.
Here are just a few exciting highlights of 2018.

Campaign Launched: Leader in Me

In an ongoing effort to motivate and inspire children, the Innovative Arts Academy launched their “Leader in Me” campaign. The campaign was born when a member of the faculty introduced an inspirational celebrity quote to the DAY Vision team, which led to a fully-executed campaign across multiple web and print platforms.

Campaign Launched: Investing in Young Minds

In order to promote Red Door ELC’s culture of philanthropy, a capital campaign was needed to boost community support. Utilizing multiple online and offline platforms, the campaign has a direct impact on program enrichment, teacher development, building enhancements, and program sustainability for generations to come.

Our Favorite Moments of 2018

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Fortunately, we managed to capture a lot of our year and 2018 in the vast world of marketing on our blog.
Catch up on anything you may have missed:

Perhaps more important than taking stock of last year is looking forward to the future and everything the next year has to offer.
Will 2019 be the year you become a part of DAY Vision?