Instagram Poised To Become A Major Player In E-Commerce

Instagram Poised To Become A Major Player In E-Commerce

Instagram Poised To Become A Major Player In E-Commerce 5834 4167 DAY Vision Marketing

Facebook is still the #1 Social Media App, but it’s not a clear win.

While Facebook is still the preferred social media platform, especially in terms of turning scrolling into clicks and purchases, Instagram is positioning its app, and possibly a dedicated shopping app, to take a piece of that pie. Keep in mind, however, that Instagram is owned by Facebook, so in a broader business sense, supporting one platform also supports the other.

In terms of reach across all age groups and demographics, Facebook continues to reign supreme, but Instagram has proven its ability to reach its users in unique ways. While Facebook continues to be a backdrop to nearly everyone’s social media use, Instagram has managed to gain dedicated fans and an entire lifestyle around the relatively simple app, and Instagram users are much more engaged than Facebook users. What exactly does that mean? It means that Facebook users sign in to scroll through their newsfeed, check-in with friends and families very quickly, and maybe click on an interesting ad that grabs their attention. Instagram users open the app and stay there, liking, searching, commenting, visiting pages, and interacting with their favorite brands. So, while Facebook may have more overall users, Instagram has the edge in engagement.

What does Instagram’s high engagement mean for your business?

Having a strong Facebook presence is a must for every business, but it’s definitely time to start developing an Instagram strategy, especially now that Instagram is expanding their e-commerce capabilities. Because users are much more likely to spend an extended amount of time in the app, that means that they could spend time engaging with your own brand, as long as you take the time to understand how the platform works and craft your profile and posts accordingly.

Instagram takes advantage of the growing popularity and importance of image search and users’ demand for a visually driven internet. In short, users and consumers are more likely to respond positively to images rather than copy, and Instagram capitalizes on this. Every business with an Instagram profile should embrace a clear vision for profile and individual images. Some of the most impactful businesses on Instagram include Adobe, Reuters, Playdoh, and our own DAY Vision Marketing profile. When developing your business’ strategy, taking a look at other successful brand accounts is a great way to gain inspiration.

Instagram also uses hashtags more effectively than any other social media platform and researching hashtags and developing a library of hashtags for your business is necessary for success. Businesses should track which hashtags are most effective for their brand and use them consistently, while constantly researching and updating new and trendy hashtags.

Instagram and E-commerce

Your business’ Instagram strategy is becoming even more important, as Instagram seeks to increase its e-commerce presence with new features for business. Recently, Instagram rolled out “stickers” on Stories posts for businesses. Users can click on the sticker to learn more about a product or even purchase the product. In addition, Instagram announced that there will soon be a dedicated “Shopping” category under the Explore tab. Because of the high engagement of Instagram users, these features are an exciting boost for businesses who wish to turn Instagram brand engagement into clicks and direct purchases.

Instagram also announced the possibility of a standalone app, which is currently in development. Little is known about the app, other than it is likely to compete with apps like Shopify, which is quickly growing in popularity. There is no timeline yet for a release, and there’s a chance that it will never release at all. Either way, the Instagram app itself is already making waves in e-commerce with its newest features.

It appears that Instagram is likely to become an e-commerce player, and may leverage its engaged users to become a leader in the industry. It’s important to develop your brand’s Instagram presence, today. At DAY Vision, we’re certified in Social Media Marketing, and our Social Media Managers can help to build your online presence and turn those likes into measurable business growth.