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A Day in the Life: Job Shadowing at DAY Vision

A Day in the Life: Job Shadowing at DAY Vision

A Day in the Life: Job Shadowing at DAY Vision 5834 4167 DAY Vision Marketing

Check out Nazareth High School student Samantha Burn’s first-hand experience job shadowing at DAY Vision.

“Hi! My name is Sam Burns and I am a junior at Nazareth Area High School. I was fortunate enough to job shadow Senior Designer, Sarah, for a fun-filled and informative day at DAY Vision Marketing. When I arrived for my job shadow, the welcoming atmosphere made me feel at home within seconds.
First, I met agency owner, Danny Youssef, who was excited to give me advice as an artist that will truly always be in the back of my mind. Before setting out to photograph a local client event with Sarah for the day, Danny advised me to walk into the event as if I own the place, and be whoever I want to be and provide the best photography services I am capable of because no one knows who I am, how old I am, or what my level of profession is. This incredible advice stuck with me all that day and has been in my head since I spent the day with this amazing creative crew.
This job shadow is a requirement for one of the classes at my high school but kids typically just do this last minute for the grade and do not wind up enjoying or making use of this awesome experience. Contrary to those kids, I took full advantage of this wonderful opportunity I had with DAY Vision. They allowed my job shadow to be a very enjoyable, hands-on learning experience!

Helping Sarah out with photo and video for the event was a great learning experience in itself but the day was truly perfect — I got a sneak peek into almost every aspect of working at an agency like DAY Vision. I asked many questions (maybe too many) about options for my future regarding which college degree options are out there and what profession would suit me best to use my artistic abilities to their fullest.

I received fantastic knowledge all day from Sarah, and she opened my mind to the variety of potential options for my future. All of the staff I was introduced to made it clear that I do not have to hesitate to reach out to them in the future. Sarah was such an outstanding mentor and I truly could not ask for anyone better to show me a sneak peek into my future profession. Thank you so much, DAY Vision Marketing!”