Positive Productivity Habits

Positive Productivity Habits

Positive Productivity Habits 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

Peak behind the curtain to see habits of highly successful people.
According to popular studies, successful people exhibit daily habits that enhance their productivity and focus. These daily habits help make them leaders in their fields. In this blog, we will be pulling back the curtain and sharing their steps to success and how you can incorporate these tactics into your daily lives.

Start Your Day Off Right
Many successful people don’t jump out of the gate when starting their day at work. They create morning routines to help focus their minds, even with multiple tasks at hand. According to Trello‘s productivity expert Claire Diaz Ortiz, “The best thing you can do to be productive is to create your ideal morning routine.” How you start your day anchors your mind and ensures you stay focused on priority tasks. You must master a consistent morning routine to achieve your highest level of productivity!

Trello also shares, “If you analyze productivity expert’s morning routines, you’ll find a few things in common. They mostly all have elements on big picture goals, gratitude and planning for the days’ time.” Exercise is another outlet during your morning routine. Jason can den Brand, co-founder and CEO of Lenda spoke with Inc.com and shared, “I either hit the gym or get 90 minutes on my mountain bike in the morning and start at 6 a.m. At first it was hard, but now I can’t go without it. It de-stresses and sets the tone for the entire day.” Starting your day by accomplishing a goal will help you feel empowered to tackle the rest of your tasks for the day.
Be Strong Communicator
It is key to know your role and have clear communication with your team. Having clear communication with your team builds trust in order to tackle tasks efficiently together. Ekaterina Walter from Forbes says, “Transparency builds trust. True leaders are direct and honest. And they communicate all of the time. Lack of information creates assumptions that are usually negative or disruptive to team’s motivation or productivity.” By being honest and open with your team, you help to avoid errors – resulting in more productive team members all around.
Use the Right Productivity Tools

 Using modern productivity tools is key to your success. There are more than enough resources for you to find the project organization tool that best fits your needs. An example of a productivity app is Humin. Nick Lucas of “When I Work” describes the Humin app as, “A great mobile app that helps you remember all of the little details about your relationship with other people (i.e., how, where, and why you met them.) It’s been called the “first intuitive address book” and will help improve your human productivity. This enhanced tool helps build relationships with your clients and coworkers. When you take the time to remember details about your clients and customers, it shows you care and want to build towards success together.

Another fan favorite productivity tool is called Evernote. Nick Lucas gives another review and elaborates, “Evernote is a great, all-in-one productivity app that allows you to write down and organize everything you want to remember. In other words, it’s modern-day notebook on steroids. Keep track of web pages, notes, PDF files, photos, audio clips, and more and access them from your desktop or mobile device at any time.”
Eliminate Micro-Distractions
Even outside of work, we have active social lives – between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, text messages, sometimes we do need to shut the outside world off for a short time to accomplish work.  Richard Gallagher shared with Hubspot how these small distractions can hurt your focus. “To increase mental clarity and tackle those wicked problems, you’ll need to rid yourself of any micro-distractions: smartphone notifications. Achieving bran focus and flow, much like REM sleep, requires our brain to be free of interruptions for a certain period of time.”
Plan for Tomorrow
Late at night, many people toss and turn thinking about their day ahead. One tactic many successful people utilize is planning and setting goals before laying down for the night.  According to Trello, “American Express CEO Kenneth Chenault ends his evenings by writing down three things he wants to accomplish the next days.” This is a way for you to feel a head, elaborate and think through new ideas and to have an easy night’s rest knowing you already have the next day planned ahead. Be a step ahead and be ready to conquer the next day!