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Treasured Memories and a New Year Vision

Treasured Memories and a New Year Vision

Treasured Memories and a New Year Vision 800 800 DAY Vision Marketing

Having defined beginnings and endings help us human beings function best.

Our sense of accomplishment stems from our childhood, when we knew that completing a course meant assignment of a grade, thus concluding each school course. So, how does this sense of accomplishment translate to agency life?

Rewarding work, friendships, and personal goals make for a successful recipe.

Here at DAY Vision, we measure our accomplishments by our ability and efforts to support our community, partners, and internal team. We strive to help each other reach our yearly goals – both professional and personal. A year is a long time, and it’s easy to forget how much how much got done until you sit down and reflect. We are excited to share with you just how much we’ve accomplished in the last 12 months.

Let’s break down DAY Vision over 2019 with a friendly acronym.

D – Developed Brand New, Beautiful Websites

We’re beyond grateful for the opportunity to flex our digital muscles this year. Our website projects include creative e-commerce stores and responsive brochure sites in a variety of verticals. Print shops, lifestyle brands, restaurants, private investigators, environmental consultants, government contract companies, senior living communities, and kitchen cookware brands all have new websites wrapped neatly with a bow.

A – Awarded Multiple Integrated Campaign Awards

Four of our six integrated campaign awards came from the Indigo Awards, an international award organization recognizing the very best of digital design, mobile design, design for social change, graphic design, and more. Two of our awards came from the AAFGLV, an organization that connects communications professionals in a wide range of fields including advertising agencies, media reps, vendors, photographers, designers, and in-house marketing teams. We are incredibly proud of the accolades these campaigns have received, as well as their purpose and impact. Read more on the awards here!

Y – Yielded Results for Client Partners

We understand that marketing is nothing without results. This year, we helped our clients, new and old, refine their marketing goals. Each marketing initiative and decision was made with intention and designed to produce results. Each new website, campaign,  rebrand, social post, print piece, and marketing email helped our partners reach their individual targets and benchmarks.

V – Vacationed All Over the Globe

We truly are the Sisterhood of the Traveling Marketing Experts. Our team had the opportunity to work abroad and remotely across the globe throughout the year. Our designers created some of their best work while traveling in Melbourne, Australia, and Phoenix, Arizona. Our President produced inspiring photography and managed client relations all the way from Lebanon. Our Marketing Associate managed multiple accounts while in sunny California, and our Communications Manager effectively kept our production schedules in check from Amissville, Virginia. We’ve certainly earned our miles this year!

I – Inspired Marketing Students

2019 has been the Year of the Intern at DAY Vision! We were honored to welcome and work with three interns from three unique Pennsylvania universities. Our internship experience is certainly immersive, and each of our interns gained priceless insight to the agency experience. We value their opinion, their hard work, and are excited for what their futures hold in the industry. Read about some of their experiences!
Jessette’s Experience
Holly’s Experience

S – Spiced Up Our Branding

This year, there came a moment we all realized we were in need of a little refreshing. We pulled from our individual strengths and goals to collaboratively create a new, unique brand for ourselves that properly represents our mission. Check out our blog reporting on the experience !

I – Illustrated Creative Campaigns

An advertising campaign can span from as little as one week to multiple months, and we’ve developed, launched, and monitored many successful campaigns for our clients this year. Whether our clients’ goals was to increase sales, signups, students, or store visitors, we made each campaign as compelling and unique as possible. We’re so thankful for our clients who allow us creative freedom and welcome our ideas, artwork, and analytics.

O – Outshined Old Brands

It’s no secret that we love brand projects. We held many exciting meetings this year to review new logo designs, typeface options, and swag mockups before presenting the exciting options to our clients. Industries include cyber security and environmental & exploration geophysics. Check one of the rebrands out for yourself!

N – Nurtured Our Skills

We recognize that in order to remain experts in our field, our team needs to continue learning and growing throughout our careers. Collectively, our team completed multiple industry certifications and courses to give our client experience and internal knowledge a boost. Our courses completed and certifications achieved in 2019 include Facebook Blueprint, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, and The Top Ten Secrets of Project Management.

Though many might find New Year’s reflections overrated, we think it’s the perfect time to truly start fresh and create a vision for the New Year.

Our goal is to approach 2020 with excitement to find opportunities hidden in each day, week, and month. Like a chapter in a new book waiting to be written, we’re excited to focus on the essentials in 2020: health, love, friendship, meaningful work, and fun adventures – and we wish the same for you. Happy New Year!