Intern Spotlight: Holly

Intern Spotlight: Holly

Intern Spotlight: Holly 1500 1038 DAY Vision Marketing

Check out how Holly pushed her skills and talents beyond her own expectations.

After one summer as a working graphic design student at DAY Vision, I took away a wealth of newfound skills and an excitement to enter into the creative field.

At Cedarville University, my studies focus around learning Adobe programs; however, during my experience I learned not only more about programs that designers use, but also about the business side of agency operations as well. The value of creating a great final product for our clients AND curating an exceptional customer experience was exemplified to me over and over again this summer as I watched the team at DAY Vision consistently go above and beyond for the sake of their customers.

If I could talk to students interested in taking an internship at DAY Vision I would let them know to expect an amazing experience that will absolutely push their previous skills and talents beyond their own expectations.

It is often expected that the intern’s job is to be seen but not heard.

Movies and shows like the Devil Wears Prada and The Office dramatize the all too often unglamorous positions and tasks given to the “low-man-on-the-totem-pole” at working offices.

And, if I am being honest, I was a little nervous before I started my internship that the same would be expected of me, but from day one I was invited to sit in on numerous meetings and bring my own critiques, questions, and ideas to the table. I always felt respected and even though I was younger and less experienced than literally everyone else in the office. The whole team treated me like their peer regardless of these two prior facts.

Before my internship, the idea of even doing one piece of professional work over the summer that I could later add to my portfolio was mind boggling, but I never expected to come out of this experience having assisted on such a range of projects. The team, especially Sarah Karess, aka Senior Designer extraordinaire, took the time to teach me new skills and allowed me to work on everything from website design, ethnographic research and design, to social media, online campaigns, billboard layouts, and logo design.

Often times, when I would mention my internship in conversation, I found that people were actually surprised to hear that I had the chance to work with a company that let me do real work, and even more surprised to hear how closely I was able to work with the other designers. I never once found myself taking coffee orders or doing anything as menial, but instead was granted the chance to take an active role in the team.

What would I suggest to those who are seeking an internship?

Most importantly, look for an internship that doesn’t just want you as an intern but genuinely wants to help you grow in your field of study.

My experience at DAY Vision truly pushed me to develop skills (often times it caused push myself to learn things that may have been skimmed in a textbook only once before) and helped me solidify the direction of my future career. They helped me realize my passion and goals in the industry and to work smarter (and more efficiently) than I did before.

At the beginning of the summer, DAY Vision’s President, Danny, explained that projects that I work on at the start of my internship would take me much longer than the same type of project would at the end of my time interning. While I am still no where near as fast as the experienced designers, what Danny told me couldn’t be more true – and boy, am I glad for this recently acquired speed with an overloaded semester approaching quickly.

I’m so glad to have had the chance to spend my summer learning from the talented group of individuals at DAY Vision and to have learned so many tips and tricks in the industry that I could never have picked up from textbooks and courses alone.

Written by Holly Diehl
Cedarville University Future Class of 2020