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Why Brands Aren’t Staying Still

Why Brands Aren’t Staying Still

Why Brands Aren’t Staying Still 500 500 DAY Vision Marketing

Don’t Let Your Brand Stay Still.

As technology grows, the capacity for design expands with it. It’s simple logic, but it’s true. Our world is becoming increasingly more branded, every brand, whether they sell milk or garden statues and everything in between wants to be distinguished apart from their competitors. People are bombarded with brands and advertising daily, and to be honest so much of branding is generic. For instance, if you google “coffee shop logo” almost every logo that pops up is an illustration of a coffee mug with steam over the top. While they all have slight variants in colors, shapes, and typography they all start to look similar and this can be harmful in terms of your brand’s image. So what can your logo do differently to be pushed outside of the box so it isn’t just looked at, but is remembered. What really is pushing branding over the edge now in days?

 Designers are using programs like Adobe After Effects to figure out just that. Kinetic typography and logos started off 2019 with an explosion of energy and the forecast shows that it’s just building speed. 

What are kinetic typography and kinetic logos? Kinetic typography is the movement or motion of text and a kinetic logo is the movement or motion of a brands logo. They are little branded animations. Want examples of kinetic logos? Watch this short video of 45 examples.

Why Should You Invest in an Animated Logo?

You can make your brand truly come to life.
We are living in a time when design shouldn’t be solely static. It’s similar to the difference between photography and film. Both crafts are completely necessary and won’t disappear anytime soon. And both film and photography remain necessary on different platforms (ie magazines and print ads need photography just as tv commercials need film). The same is true in branding: you will still need the static image for print materials but imagine if your website or social platform included an animated version as well. The motion is sure to catch more attention, allow for more conversation, and extend time that viewers spend on your page.

Your Brand Image Will be More Unique

Let’s face it – there are so many existing logos that is is almost impossible to have one with zero similarities to another logo.
Animated logos can give you a unique edge and highlight your logo’s uniqueness. The look of a logo might resemble something familiar, but the addition of animation can set it apart. 

The World is Increasingly Digital (and Mobile)

It’s no secret that more people are using their mobile phones more than desktops to use the internet. The previous fact only allows for greater creativity. More mobile lends itself to more social media. Your brand’s platforms are sure to stand out with the addition of an animated logo and you will have an edge over competitors that do not.

Literally, Everyone Else is Doing it

From massive companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon to universities, restaurants, and sports teams, everyone is jumping on the animated logo bandwagon. Kinetic logos are not just a trend — they have proven that they are here to stay. Now is the time to jump on this bandwagon, while it still feels fresh and innovative. As the world grows and adapts, business and branding are constantly changing and updating with it. Staying in tune and on top of these advances is key in sustaining and growing your brand’s identity. If your business is growing and in motion why not let your branding exemplify that too? Here at DAY Vision, we will do the hard work for you! What ever job you need done in curating your brand’s identity— we’ve got your back. We are one step ahead so you don’t have to be.