Google Maps Made One Small Change, And So Should You

Google Maps Made One Small Change, And So Should You

Google Maps Made One Small Change, And So Should You 719 721 DAY Vision Marketing

Our concept of “normal” changes every day, and we need to keep up.

Google Maps introduced a simple new update, but it’s the “little things” that can make a big difference.

In an effort to help people find food options and support restaraunts that remain open during the current widespread shutdowns, Google Maps has updated its Android and iOS apps to highlight restararaunts that offer delivery and take-out options. In light of all that we are currently facing this may seem like an insignifigant change. However, many people are experiencing extremely stressful situations right now. Something as simple as being able to easily find something to eat when you’re hungry can provide a little bit of relief in an otherwise overwhelming day.

It’s important to stay current and remain empathetic.

We can’t ignore the fact that both businesses and people are experiencing hard times. There’s a lot of uncertainty and predicting what the next few months will look like is nearly impossible. That said, it’s important for everyone to stay informed and keep planning ahead. These plans just need to be more flexible than ever before.

As we develop plans for campaigns and messaging, it has become increasingly important to understand the current news and events, but also to recognize and prioritize the needs of our audience. First and foremost, everyone needs accurate information — they need to know what’s open, what’s closed, and who has the products they need. Beyond that, we all need a little extra empathy, understanding, and some positivity.

Less selling, more caring.

At this point in time, pushy sales tactics feel even more predatory.

It’s likely that over the past few weeks your inbox has been inundated with messages surrounding the current crisis. Some of them were helpful and informative, others were uplifting, and a few may have left you with a bad taste in your mouth. At a time when many are struggling, an overt, direct sales pitch feels creepy, like re-selling over-priced toliet paper.

As we develop messaging in the coming weeks and months, building loyalty is even more important than ever. What can your business offer right now that may carry over to the future? How can you truly help your customers, your community, and all of us? Yes, businesses need to continue to make money, but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer something positive to the current situation. It’s time to think beyond our normal tactics and develop ways to for companies to be a positive influence while continuing to evolve and grow.

So what about Google?

Google filled a need and helped people along the way.

The update to the Google Maps app is not incredibly groundbreaking, nor is it in any way a solution to many of the larger problems of the day. But, as people stay at home more and use navigation less, Google found a way to keep Google Maps relevant and usable, and even helpful to customers and restaraunts.

As the months pass and we hopefully find a sense of normalcy again, it is the products and companies that carried us through, even in the smallest ways, that we will continue to use. A kind word, a bit of positivity, and helping hand will go a very long way as we all weather this storm together.