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Social Spartans

Building a Presence

Did you know a group of  butterflies is called a kaleidoscope?

This describes our social team perfectly; they have the ability to address all of the intricacies of social management with creativity, color, and precision. We create clicks, likes, shares, retweets and more while developing your brand’s voice and social media presence.

Bring your social presence out of the shade.

We use a combination of analytics and imagination to develop short and long-term social campaigns, establish engagements, and use various platforms’ features to reach your specific goals and milestones. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

• Campaign creation and implementation
• Individual post creation and scheduling
• Monitoring/moderating all engagements
• Timely response to messages

• Community participation
• Keyword/Hashtag research
• Expansion/optimization of social reach
• Reports

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