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Delivering Drilling Excellence: A New Website for United Drilling

Delivering Drilling Excellence: A New Website for United Drilling

Delivering Drilling Excellence: A New Website for United Drilling 700 500 DAY Vision Marketing

We always welcome the opportunity to revamp the digital face of a brand, particularly one as specialized and vital as United Drilling. Since their inception in 1988, United Drilling has been committed to offering unparalleled drilling solutions across the East Coast and Midwest. Our challenge was to encapsulate over three decades of expertise and reliability into their website, transforming it into a digital platform that informs, engages, and converts.

Understanding the Vision

The first step in our journey was to dive deep into what makes United Drilling a leader in their industry. Working closely with their team, we gleaned insights into their operational excellence, client-focused approach, and the breadth of their services. These discussions guided the strategic direction of the website’s design and functionality, ensuring it would truly reflect United Drilling’s ethos and expertise.

A Fresh, Functional Design

Homepage and Navigation

The homepage now serves as a central hub, guiding visitors seamlessly to information about services, company history, and expert consultations. The navigation was structured to ensure that regardless of the visitor’s goal—be it learning more about caisson drilling or scheduling a consultation with an elevator modernization expert—the information is just a few clicks away.

Services and Capabilities Pages

The services and capabilities pages were designed to provide detailed descriptions and showcase United Drilling’s significant projects and client testimonials. These pages were optimized to convert visitors into leads by emphasizing call-to-action buttons and easy access to contact forms.

Leveraging Advanced SEO and Mobile Optimization

Recognizing the importance of visibility and accessibility, we implemented an advanced SEO strategy tailored to the drilling industry’s competitive keywords. Additionally, the site was fully optimized for mobile users, providing a smooth, responsive experience regardless of device type.

Engaging Content and Interactive Elements

To engage visitors, the website features interactive elements such as a project gallery, a historical timeline of the company, and an educational articles section. To further enrich the user experience, we incorporated high-quality on-site photography and videography, including drone photography, showcasing the precision and scale of United Drilling’s operations. This visual content not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the site but also significantly boosts user engagement by offering a dynamic and immersive view of the services and technologies in action.

Results and Impact

The revamped website has significantly improved user engagement, with a notable increase in session duration and a decrease in bounce rates. The clarity and accessibility of information have enhanced lead generation, reflecting in a higher number of service inquiries and consultation bookings.

United Drilling’s new website has also been a success story for us, garnering a Web Excellence Award for website design and development in the construction category. While our goal is always to provide the best results for our clients, we appreciate the recognition for our efforts.

Final Thoughts

The collaboration with United Drilling was not just about building a website but crafting a digital cornerstone that reflects its standing as a top-tier drilling service provider. The new website is a testament to their professional excellence and a platform that will support their growth for years to come. By focusing on user experience, service-specific content, and mobile-first design, we have created a digital presence that truly represents the quality and expertise of United Drilling.