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This Old Brand

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The largest success killer is resistance to change.
Countless companies who were once successful have been put out of business due to a refusal to adapt or go with the flow of social progress and the advancement of technology. Not only are these fundamental changes crucial to moving forward as a brand, but if resisted, can be the cause of the brands ultimate downfall.

Are your business’ visuals as dated as your great-aunt’s couch cushions?
This can be a problem for you when it comes to first impressions and knee-jerk reactions when somebody sees the look of your brand for the first time. Do yourself a favor and google the original Apple logo. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Now could you imagine what type of company Apple would be or how the world would view them today if they stuck with that logo? If Apple wanted to come off as a company that moves technology forward, they have to represent themselves as such. They cleaned up their act and changed their logo from a 19th century newspaper comic sketch to one of the simplistic yet iconic logos in history.

Take a step back and look at your brand from the un-biased consumer’s perspective.
Are you putting up invisible hurdles for yourself when it comes to your artwork? Are your visuals as simplistic and easy to read as they could be? Your brand’s look and feel should make you excited, and should shout professionalism and quality. The less time and effort you put into your visuals, the less people will trust your business – all based on appearences.

Many new companies show their lack of experience and knowledge by proudly displaying and being represented by what’s called “nephew art”.
Nephew art refers to logos or other designs that were done by an easily accessible family member or friend of the company. We’re here to tell you that just because that “nephew” is there for your convenience does not mean that they are qualified to handle the face of your brand. But DAY Vision is. We are trained to do the job professionally and correctly, and trust us, in the long run you will be glad you spent the little bit of extra time and effort reaching out to us.

You work hard to do what’s best for your brand.
So don’t shoot yourself in the foot by not keeping your brand up to date. Keep social and technological advancements in mind and don’t resist progress. Staying active and aware will only open up more doors for you and your brand in the future. In other words, love your brand, and it will love you back.