DAY Vision Tackles Hurricane Harvey

DAY Vision Tackles Hurricane Harvey

DAY Vision Tackles Hurricane Harvey 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

Our flash campaign raised impressive funds for the Salvation Army.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Time is a luxury, and in emergency situations it is important to get your information out there as quickly (but still professionally) as possible instead of taking the extra time to plan things out as in-depth as you normally would.

After Hurricane Harvey hit on on August 19th, our client, Gloria Gaynor, decided to sell a specialty t-shirt to benefit the victims of the devastating weather. Each shirt sale would be donated to the Salvation Army in order to aide the hurricane victims. After we received the call with this information, we put a flash campaign into place. If we had sirens, they would have been going off in our office.

Similar to making the snap decision of which beloved personal items to take with you during an emergency evacuation, we needed to quickly decide which impactful marketing tactics to deploy as the disaster struck. We decided our flash campaign needed to consist of 3 key necessities: A hero banner, an email blast, and social media posts.

After blasting out those 3 campaign items, the orders began drizzling in.
Soon after, the internet swept a video by Gloria singing a Texas version of “I Will Survive” by storm. Her campaign caught on, national media attention created even more of an online buzz for Gloria’s Texas tees.

One successful flash campaign and many sales later, Texas is on the mend.
We are happy to have helped the victims of Hurricane Harvey through this charity apparel campaign. Thousands of online users thanked Gloria for her work helping the hurricane victims.

“Thank you for your beautiful message – #IWillSurvive TEXAS – to our neighboring families that need it most! I am honored to support you in this much needed mission. Sending vibrations of love, happiness, health, peace, restoration & goodness to all those who experienced this horrifying devastation. Infinite Blessing!” -Amanda H, Customer