What’s The Deal With Instagram Reels?

What’s The Deal With Instagram Reels?

What’s The Deal With Instagram Reels? 2528 2560 DAY Vision Marketing

Does anyone else have a difficult time not spending hours scrolling through Insta, or are you guys normal? We’re only asking because Instagram Reels, IG’s newest video feature, is making logging off the app a bit more difficult than it already was.

Let’s chat. What are Instagram Reels and what is it about them that makes it so difficult to stop scrolling?

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The Breakdown: How it works.

It’s time to get creative.

Instagram Reels is a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on your IG account. It’s all about creating fun videos to share with your friends or anyone else on the platform.

The new feature lets you record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative capabilities like altering align and speed. This really gives you the tools to get creative and show off your editing skills! Reels can be recorded all at once, in a series of clips, or even by uploading videos from your camera roll. Once your content is ready to go, head over to the share screen where you can add your quirky caption and hashtags and tag your besties.

But hold on, we know what you’re all thinking. Will uploading the Reel on your feed ruin the aesthetic profile you’ve worked so hard to build?! Wait. That might just be an us thing. No worries either way, because all of your published Reels are placed under a different tab on your profile without disrupting your grid. IG users from all over can access your Reels from both your profile and the Explore page!

Competition: Is it just another TikTok?

Step aside TikTok!

Not too long ago we had a chat about TikTok and discussed where we see it fitting into the business space (definitely take a second to check that out). Although Reels and TikTok share similarities, we noticed two key differences between them.

While TikTok’s maximum video lengths are 60 seconds, Reels are limited to only 15. This shorter time frame makes it critical to capture your audience’s attention quickly and effectively. Be quick, concise, and creative!

The second key difference is their feeds. Reels only offers one main Explore feed that contains videos that interest you, popular videos, and curated videos which are videos about topics you’ve already shown interest in. On the other hand, TikTok is separated into two feeds; one is the “For You” page, which is based on an algorithm that is personalized for each user, and the other feed is for those you follow.

Instagram Reels for business

Let’s Be Reel: Is there an opportunity for success?

The answer is YES!

Wherever there are plenty of users, success is always an option. With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide. These many users leave the opportunity to attract prospects, convert them into leads, and then eventually close with them and make new customers. In addition to that, TikTok is facing a potential ban in the United States which leaves a wide range of opportunities for Instagram Reels to steal the limelight.

Even with TikTok in the market, Reels still has the potential to hold its own in the fight for user engagement. A great benefit of the platform is the fact that users no longer have to switch between two apps when they want a quick fix of creative entertainment. They get the best of both worlds, their classic photo feed combined with TikTok-style content, all in one place!

Now is the perfect time to play around with creating content in new ways. The key to mastering new features such as Reels is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself and try it out (people messing up makes for the quirky and genuine content people look for nowadays anyway!). Let’s embrace the extra time we’ll be spending on our Instagram feeds with this update and sit back, relax, watch a bunch of Reels, and get inspired!

We have to admit, we spend a lot of time on our Instagram feeds over here at DAY Vision. Sometimes we’re working on competitor and market research or practicing our new social media management strategy. But admittedly, sometimes we’re simply getting sucked into the entertaining world of Reals! Reach out today and chat with our team about the fast-paced world of social media and help you figure out where your brand fits into that space.