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Welcome to the Family, Alex! 🥳

Welcome to the Family, Alex! 🥳

Welcome to the Family, Alex! 🥳 1920 1441 DAY Vision Marketing

We’re excited to announce Alex White, Digital Designer, as the newest member of the DAY Vision family.

Alex brings with him an educational background in communication design at Kutztown University, a strong skill set in design, and a passion for creating unique and memorable user experiences. His contributions and learning experiences as a DAY Vision Marketing intern taught him about the inner workings of a creative marketing agency, and during his internship, we discovered his talent, creativity, diligence, work ethic, and eagerness to create new and exciting work. Because of the impression he made on the team, we’ve brought him on full time!

Alex works with our team to organize interactive strategies, design websites, create marketing designs, and more. He has quickly shown himself to be a team player with a unique perspective and a willingness to contribute not only his ideas but his best efforts in making every project, big or small, as exceptional as possible.
He believes strongly in the positive effects of good design and enjoys gaming with friends in his free time. We are very excited to have Alex join the DAY Vision family!