The Metaverse: Understanding a Digital World

The Metaverse: Understanding a Digital World

The Metaverse: Understanding a Digital World 2560 1440 DAY Vision Marketing

Every time you turn around, it seems like there is a new tech buzzword being uttered. Most recently, you’ve probably heard chatter about the metaverse. There has been so much news that avoiding this innovation is almost impossible. The metaverse is still being built and defined, and we are speculating on the potential of this unexplored new virtual world.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse meeting of avatars

In the simplest explanation, the metaverse is a collection of shared, virtual spaces that make up a digital world. Instead of “browsing” as you do on the internet, you can “experience” the metaverse using augmented and virtual reality equipment. For example, you can build a virtual home, host your online friends in your space, and attend work meetings, while your avatars can interact and speak in what feels like an actual room. Even though these interactions happen in a digital world, a level of intimate connection exists beyond what current platforms offer.

From what we know so far, the metaverse gives off the same vibe as Steven Spielberg’s movie Ready Player One or even the games did in the not-so-hit movie Gamer. Plenty of other films can compare to the technological advancements of the metaverse, but those two take the virtual reality aspect and run with it.

There is still a lot to evolve from the metaverse. There have been many developments surrounding the building and adoption of the technology, but we are still in the infancy of acceptance on a mass level.

The Power of Immersion

You know how it feels when someone says, “you just had to be there.” You either feel like you are a part of an exclusive club, or you feel completely excluded. The metaverse allows people to “be there” without going anywhere, which kind of sounds isolating. On the contrary, this will help many people feel a genuine connection with their virtual buddies and the brands they embrace. Imagine hanging out in a digital world with family members living on the other side of the earth. It’s more intimate than a 6-inch iPhone screen using Facetime. This is the evolution of our innovations.

Work Louder, a brand that creates mechanical keyboards, has been exploring the immersive experience to connect with its customers. They created a metaverse space as a creative hub where their community can share their artwork and connect with other customers and brand creators.

Their first shot at this was only promoted in a Discord channel and had a turnout of over 100 people. Pretty impressive for a first run at a metaverse gathering for a small business.

Workspace Upgrades

People working in the metaverse

The phrase “digital workspace” might scare some people, but the most prominent feature of the metaverse is its virtual and augmented reality technology. Businesses must embrace the inevitable future as we did when the internet was introduced or play catch-up.

Remember the communal fever dream that was PokemonGO? This simple augmented reality game brought people together on a massive scale, and a metaverse work environment will do the same. This opens up creative opportunities to immerse your staff and customers in your business and will connect with them on a personal and virtual level.

For example, you can launch a metaverse store where customers can view and even try on digital renderings of your clothing. Or, you can create a collaborative brainstorming session where remote employees can dive into an immersive, creative area that improves productivity and outcomes. All from the comfort of their home and on time to make their kid’s soccer games. Isn’t that what we are all striving for?

These possibilities and opportunities are limitless!

Beyond Conscious Understanding

A person's body pixelating into a digital world

While many concepts surrounding the metaverse seem like a sci-fi production out of Star Trek. One idea being looked into feels too futuristic: transferring your consciousness to the metaverse.

Multiple companies have pitched ways that we could upload our brains to a metaverse avatar to unlock the secret of immortality. One is Elon Musk’s Neuralink company, which has been researching how the brain and computers can connect and interface to succeed in whole-brain uploading eventually. Other experts and futurists, like Tom Cheesewrite, believe this out-of-this-world idea is possible but will take many years and technological innovation.

This is a compelling idea, but we will need some convincing before we ditch our physical bodies.

In the End

There’s no way around it; the metaverse is here and not going away. We can either embrace it or fight it. While there is still a learning curve and adoption by the masses surrounding the platform, there are a lot of ideas and opportunities to look forward to. The metaverse is sure to change the way we interact with each other in the digital world.

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