When Viral Fashion Breaks the Internet

When Viral Fashion Breaks the Internet

When Viral Fashion Breaks the Internet 1500 745 DAY Vision Marketing

Capturing the attention of your audience is proving to be more difficult than ever before.

A recent study conducted by Brandwatch indicated that social media users spend, on average, a meager 2.5 seconds observing an individual post before swiping down to the next.

Despite that dismal statistic, many businesses and individuals have learned how to create posts that capture viewers attention and circulate the internet at an impressive speed. A lot can be learned from the posts that seem to develop instant traction. While it might seem like a leap, the fashion and beauty industries are a great place to learn about what it takes to go viral. Viral-fashion is everywhere, it’s basically the lifeblood of stores like Forever 21, but more can be learned from it than what to buy your 13-year-old niece for Christmas. In the words of Hiedi Klum, “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out,” this is true in fashion and really overarches to any business.

To Sponsor or Not to Sponsor

The term viral fashion often leads to thoughts of Instagram celebrities.

The Kardashians and Jenners, and others like Beyonce and Selena, play a gigantic role in media marketing. For example, The Guardian reported that sales for the brand PrettyLittleThing increased by 95% when Kourtney Kardashian posted pictures wearing their clothing. But, gaining a sponsored post by a celebrity can be costly. Kylie Jenner reportedly earns one million dollars every time she uses her latest acrylic nails to snap a selfie for a sponsored post according to the Instagram Rich List. Fortunately, there are other, more innovative ways to get noticed and create a viral look, and several companies and designers have recognized the importance of out-of-the-box thinking.

In order to create non-sponsored viral looks, the world of fashion has to design things that are truly… wacky. Though the following viral hits received both negative and positive reactions, these thumb-stopping fashions have garnered the same result: attention. On today’s social platforms, it’s a go big or don’t get noticed world, and the designer’s at Balenciaga and Topshop certainly worked hard to get noticed.

“Runway” or Run Away? 🏃

Imagine yourself at Paris Fashion Week, expecting to see the most luxurious garments and accessories from the world’s most sought after designers.

Cue the trendy music and soon models storm the stage wearing: 10-inch platform foam sandals (also known as Crocs). That’s right, in 2018, Balenciaga sent models down the runway wearing platform Crocs, the shoe of choice for 3-year-olds worldwide. These Crocs received almost instantaneous hate on various social platforms, but regardless of their generally negative reception, something interesting also unfolded. As Business Insider reports, Balenciaga sold out of the $850 platform Crocs before they even hit the stores, and these shoes went on to be one of the most popular shoes of 2018.

You’ve seen boot cut, flare, boyfriend, and skinny, but in 2017 Topshop brought the world a new type of jeans: clear. Basically, it was a plastic baggie but shaped for legs. And yet again the internet taunted the pant mercilessly. However, people flocked to Topshop’s site to see the pants. And the $100 clear pants sold out.

In early June of 2019, fashion design student Fredrik Tjærandsen received viral attention for his Avant-Garde show. Before the show, he inflated, yes, inflated, the model’s ensembles. When the models appeared on stage they were enveloped in what looked like a misplaced float balloon from the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. As the models pranced down the runway, they unhooked their bubbles and the “fabric” appeared to melt into their bodies to create slick outfits. Like other viral fashions, the “bubble” outfits gleamed positive reviews, and unlike previous mentions, Tjærandsen’s show welcomed positive acclaims and job offers. In short, eye-popping viral fashion jump-started the young designer’s career.

Get Noticed

What can be learned from viral fashion?

In order to get attention on the internet, you need to create something outside of what is expected. Innovative creativity and strategy is the key to getting noticed. This doesn’t mean that everyone should go around creating their own version of bizarre plastic pants, but it does mean that we need to break from the mundane. Instead of thinking about what others are doing or posting, develop ideas for what no one is willing to try to create!

Sometimes you only need to step out of your comfort zone and step into your brand’s own platform crocs. 👞