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A Guide For The Productive Creative – Utilizing The Five Senses

A Guide For The Productive Creative – Utilizing The Five Senses

A Guide For The Productive Creative – Utilizing The Five Senses 1024 570 DAY Vision Marketing

Does this sound familiar? 🤔

Snacking, Netflix bingeing, nap-time, Animal Crossing, TikTok, YouTube conspiracy videos, Pinterest mood boards, Twitter threads, Love is Blind, Zoom happy hour, exercise (eh, debatable), and the list goes on and on (and on and on and on…). Sound familiar?

Remote work from home brings on a whole new boatload of obstacles for workers, especially those who are used to in-person meetings and full 8-hour workdays. Distraction suddenly seems inevitable and we’re desperate to overcome it so we can check off those to-dos and continue creating work that inspires. But c’mon now… How can you expect me NOT to take 10 BuzzFeed quizzes in a row that tell me what kind of salad dressing I am based off of the dream boy I build?!

Now that we’re a few months in, our team pulled together some tips and tricks about how to keep a motivated mindset amidst this pandemic. Join us on this journey to productivity by creating a workspace that makes you EXCITED to work.

Pro tip: environment is everything. Utilize your five senses to stimulate creativity in your workspace.

Welcome to my crib! 👀


We’ve found that color inspires us on countless fronts. We’re not alone in this either, considering the countless studies done on color psychology and how they have the ability to change a whole mindset. Pick pieces for your workspace that incorporate blues and greens for focus, yellows for energy, or purple for creativity! Another option is always to just choose a color that screams “YOU!”. If you couldn’t tell… “millennial pink” is kind of my schtick right now.

Set yourself up for success with knick-knacks or photos that mean something to you. There’s no better way to get the creative job at hand done than to do it when you’re in a positive mindset.

Wake up and smell the productivity! 👃🏼


There are plenty of ways to incorporate scent into the workplace that benefit creativity and productivity. Aromatherapy is the use of plant extracts and essential oils to promote health and well-being. We highly recommend any candles or lotions scented lemon because of its clarifying and energizing affects!

There are plenty of fragrances that do the same:

  • Lemon: sense arousal and decreased error
  • Coffee: analytical reasoning and attentiveness
  • Peppermint: attention span and memory
  • Lavender: brain recharge and concentration

We FEEL good about this one. ☝🏼


It’s often underrated when it comes to productivity tips but there are plenty of tools available. For example, fidget spinners or any kind of putty are perfect for refocusing your attention. The ability to move something tangible around in your hands while you work allows your brain to refocus while your body moves.

The environment you’re working in also has an effect on efficiency though. Figure out what it is that helps you feel most comfortable, whether that’s being able to wrap yourself in a warm, cozy blanket while you work or if you blast the air to keep you alert!

Have you heard of this one before?👂🏼


This is one of our personal favorites. This sense is truly unique to each individual. Where some people thrive off a speaker at full blast, others need dead silence! Whatever works best for you, do it! What time of worker are you?

  • In need of some serious tunes: most music streaming platforms have amazing pre-made playlists for your workday. Click shuffle and let Spotify do the rest!
  • In need of complete SILENCE: Noise canceling headphones are the way to go. Pop them in and get to work!
  • A happy medium: Podcasts are perfect to throw on while working. There are plenty to choose from, so you’ll never get bored. Play something to sparks creativity that is industry related or go the other route and dive into some true crime horrors!

Bon appétit! 👅


This is an important one and our team can all agree. Pull out those pens and papers and take notes here. Are you ready?! Ok.


Yes, include an honorary spot on your desk for your caffeine. Make it in a pot, pop in a k-cup, head over to Starbucks, drink it black, loaded with sugar, with an extra shot (or five) of espresso, we don’t care! Just make sure it’s there and ***REFILLABLE***.

Caffeine just doesn’t do it for you? Schedule out time for snacks and a designated lunch break. This is the perfect way to break up your workday and lend your brain some much needed nutrients and power to get those creative juices flowing!

Do what makes you happy! ☀️

All in all, the most important tip we can give on productivity for creatives is to do what makes sense for you! The creative process looks different for everyone and that’s really what makes art so special. The best advice we can give is to get into a routine that makes you feel best and stimulate your senses for success!

Stop by our site and check out the creative work we’ve done since implementing these tips. We’d love for you to share your creativity and productivity advice with us so head over to our social and let us in on your secrets!