Case Study: Smooth Sailing From Start to Finish

Case Study: Smooth Sailing From Start to Finish

Case Study: Smooth Sailing From Start to Finish 3000 2143 DAY Vision Marketing

One of the most exciting things about our job is the opportunity to form new partnerships.
Each client partner comes to us with individual needs and expectations and the chance to forge a new friendship. Just as satisfying, we are able to learn something new along the way and this is what keeps us growing, innovating, and improving.

T3 Technologies needed a full-scale project that included a branding overhaul, a new website, and print — including photography, copywriting and a brand style guide. T3 understands who they are and their purpose as a company but had yet to find the perfect representation of themselves, both digitally and in printed materials.

Our T3 production journey began with a brand refresh.
This would serve as a foundation for everything to come and we were proud to present complete branding materials that bring T3’s vision to life and provide consistency across all mediums. We were pleased to discover that they were just as excited about the process as we were. As we enthusiastically designed and tweaked, they matched us in their efforts through vital information and feedback. It was through a collaborative partnership approach that we were able to develop the perfect brand identity.

A shiny new website now serves as T3’s face to the digital world.
Utilizing the new brand as a springboard, along with clear content goals and objectives, we put our creative superpowers to work on the design of a slick, modern website with content that perfectly represents the company. It guides users seamlessly through the brand experience, from discovery to implementation of T3’s holistic technology solutions.

We’re proud of the final results of T3’s branding, website, and print development and we’re appreciative of the process that delivered an exceptional outcome. The process and the collaboration between our team and theirs brought valuable results and we formed a brand new client partnership. Perhaps most importantly, we made new friends.