Case Study: Our Sweetest Project Yet 🍨🥄👅

Case Study: Our Sweetest Project Yet 🍨🥄👅

Case Study: Our Sweetest Project Yet 🍨🥄👅 1500 1000 DAY Vision Marketing

A project for the cookbooks.

As an agency, we get to work with some pretty exciting and unique clients.

We love that our clients allow us opportunities which keep us on our toes. With every new project, our team grows stronger and more well versed in our talents. We accept any sort of challenge with excitement and an eagerness that shows results. 

Bit-O-Gelato was truly one for the cookbooks. With a unique spin on frozen desserts and the incorporation of an equestrian angle on the branding, the client was in need of a quick turnaround site to promote her business for an upcoming industry event. This means we needed to saddle up 🐎 and get to work on the deliverables.

A website as refreshing as the gelato itself.

The client provided us with an existing logo, some packaging, and basic content to work with, but our goal was to make this brand a whole lot sweeter.

We curated a website featuring a bit about the company including their mission and flavors, and embellished it with custom lettering for each page to make it truly pop. Fun animations and graphics were implemented throughout the site that were made using a combination of provided photos and our design skills to give it a fun yet professional look.

In addition to our delectable design, a user-friendly events page and lead generated contact form were created to keep the gate open between consumer and business owner. Finally, a business email was put in place for professional functionality.

Delicious results

With only a limited amount of time, we accomplished an amazing amount. We found ways to make this site unique, to the point, and as colorful as the flavors they offer.

We are proud to have worked with Bit-O-Gelato. We now have a beautiful site under our bootstraps to share with the world and we learned a lot in the process about not only the frozen treats business, but the equestrian industry as well.

In the end, the website made us hungry, so we know we did it right! Do you have a quick turnaround project you’d like to discuss with our creative team? Let us know – we always have an appetite for design!

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