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SUPER Creative 2021 Super Bowl Ads: Coors Light

SUPER Creative 2021 Super Bowl Ads: Coors Light

SUPER Creative 2021 Super Bowl Ads: Coors Light 614 409 DAY Vision Marketing

Good morning sleepyheads! *BIG yawn* We just had the weirdest dream. There were tall mountains, crashing waterfalls, and lots of… Coors Light?! It must have been that ad we watched before falling asleep last night, huh.

The ad of your dreams

Coors Light’s 2021 Super Bowl Ad was specially designed by advertisers and sleep specialists to play in your dreams after watching it. Deirdre Barrett, an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard University’s Department of Psychiatry was asked for insight to make sure this was one, done properly and two, actually possible to accomplish.   

In our opinion, Coors Light has officially broken all ties to traditional advertising. They definitely cracked the code to brand recognition to say the very least!

  • Utilized creative thinking to the MAX.

This campaign went against the grain by taking on a never-before-seen form of advertising. Coors thought up this crazy idea and wasn’t afraid to go against the grain, especially in a time that is as traditional as TV spots during the Super Bowl. 

  • Conducted research, research and more research.

It’s always important to back up a crazy idea, or any idea for that matter, with strategic and consumer driven insights. You can’t pull an idea out of thin air, cross your fingers, and put loads of advertising dollars into it on a whim. You have to hold focus groups, perform extensive secondary research, and accomplish what Coors did by talking to specialists to get it done right.

  • Focused on the ad journey and created an unforgettable experience. 

By creating a campaign with so many moving parts, Coors Light created an entire journey that the audience goes on together. Take a look:

Consumer hears about the crazy idea. Consumer talks with friends and acquaintances. Consumer does a Google search for Coors Light and stumbles across their other marketing materials. Consumer clicks on the ad experience. Consumer experiences the video and soundscape tailored to their specific journey. Consumer dreams of refreshing Coors Light product all night long! Consumer spreads the word to the next audience member and the cycle repeats. 

  • A piece of content that goes beyond a 30 second spot 

Coors created a piece of content that is much greater than a 30 second ad spot during the Super Bowl. It’s already difficult to stand out as a brand or organization, let along during the Super Bowl when all clips are being compared against one another. Coors escaped the comparisons in a sea of ads by creating a category for themselves. What other brand is in the minds of consumers at night?

Let’s chat about the stats. 

It is estimated that, according to marketing experts, most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. It’s incredibly difficult to stand out in such a crowded marketplace, especially when it’s saturated with plenty other alcohol and food and beverage brands. They managed to break free though, hitting this campaign right out of the ballpark, or should we say… football stadium . The brand ended up right where they wanted to be, in our subconscious. 

After all, you know when something is so good that you dream about it? Now Coors Light will forever be remembered as “the drink of your dreams” simply because of this grand campaign. Want to know what else you can expect from the 2021 Super Bowl Ads this year? We’ve got them all in one place for you. 

Okay everyone, now that THAT’S out of the way, we’re going to get back to cracking open a few cold ones with the boys (and gals) over in the REM cycle. Cheers!