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Business Tip #43 – Social Networking

Business Tip #43 – Social Networking

Business Tip #43 – Social Networking 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

#43: Social Networking – Don’t blink, you might miss another one. A decade ago, the words “social media” would have sounded foreign to 95% of business owners. Now, it’s nearly impossible to succeed without it. But don’t spread yourself too thin! In all likelihood, not every social media site is for you. Pick and choose which ones are right for you, and which ones you’ll be able to EFFICIENTLY monitor…

Facebook – Their stock may have tanked (who saw that one coming?), but Facebook is not going anywhere. You need to be on Facebook. Share photos, share links, and communicate with customers and other businesses.

Twitter – Can you keep your thoughts short and sweet? You’ve got 140 characters to push your business and create an ongoing dialogue with users.

Google+ – It was supposed to be the next big thing…but so far it hasn’t delivered. But knowing Google, you certainly can’t discard it (yet). It has a very similar look and feel to Facebook. If you feel comfortable posting on Facebook, it will only take a couple extra minutes to duplicate that effort over to Google+.

LinkedIn – Are you still using a Rolodex? LinkedIn is a glorified online version of your Rolodex. Keep track of your business connections and associates. Great tool for business-to-business marketing.

FourSquare – Do you travel a lot for business? Does your job require you to be out-and-about in the community? If so, FourSquare might by up your alley. “Check in” at various restaurants, offices, attractions, etc. as you travel. Syncs very nicely with Twitter. (Two birds with one stone!)