Little Fish in a Big Pond

Little Fish in a Big Pond

Little Fish in a Big Pond 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

Shark Tank is the ultimate “water cooler” television show. It’s terrific for Twitter debates as the show unfolds. It’s great for Monday morning office chats. It’s that perfect blend of real-life business with reality TV drama. As the show gains popularity, the Shark Tank script is working its way into more real world situations.

If there’s one thing that entrepreneurs can take away from Shark Tank, it’s the importance of the pitch. Angel investment firms across the country are adjusting their “auditions” for potential entrepreneurs, and opting for a more reality-style platform, based on the success of Shark Tank. Now you may not have the pressure of bright lights, a Hollywood stage, and Mark Cuban staring at you, but a successful pitch can launch your product. A recent article on looked at pitch-events in LA and Boston that function the same way as Shark Tank, without the cameras.

**Confidence – You know your product better than anyone else did. Make sure that comes across in your pitch.

**Numbers – Money talks, plain and simple. Be prepared with the facts and figures that your potential investors are going to request.

**Smile – You may have a great product, but if you come across as someone who may be difficult to work with, it may not be worth the investor’s headache.