Right At Home: Branding and Web Development for a Local Community

Right At Home: Branding and Web Development for a Local Community

Right At Home: Branding and Web Development for a Local Community 1920 1200 DAY Vision Marketing

As creative marketers, it is incredibly rewarding when we are able to deliver on projects that are close to home and have a direct impact on the communities that surround us.

Our work with Swan Residence began with a logo and stationary for a new community in the Allentown, PA area. The project scope expanded from there to a clean, comprehensive website and printed marketing including a welcome folder, brochure, and business cards. As we worked to bring the brand to life, we were able to watch the actual community and homes begin their construction in an area across from our offices.

Building a Brand; Building a Community

Swan Residence is a single project for locally based PA Venture Capital, which seeks to revitalize and reuse underutilized properties with new, sustainable facilities and homes. We’re proud to be closely involved in bettering our community and found that our personal relationships with the client and our neighbors helped the project along. Our marketing channels continue to develop organically, as we speak with friends who are looking for homes in the area. Not only are we able to promote the growth happening right around us, we can watch as is it positively affects the lives of people that we care about.

Our process was similar to building a home, with the foundations of branding, architecture in the form of a website, and the interior and exterior design on marketing materials that everyone sees. The timing was ideal, as we were able to develop modern, professional marketing before the actual construction project started, allowing for proactive, rather than reactive creative development.

A Bright Future

Our goal with a completed project is the satisfaction and ultimately, the success of the client and their business:

“The Swan Residence of the Valley is our new town home community in Allentown and from the start, Day Vision has helped us every step of the way. From designing the website to creating beautiful folders and marketing material to crafting our logo, they helped us increase brand awareness and generate leads for our new community.”

Though the initial stages of the project are complete for now, we can’t wait to move forward with further marketing as construction is completed. We’re excited to be a part of a project that benefits our local economy and contributes to the well-being of friends and neighbors, and we’re thankful for our amazing clients and friends that make this partnership possible.

by Gillian Pemberton
Communication Manager