DAY Vision Introduces An All-New Brand

DAY Vision Introduces An All-New Brand

DAY Vision Introduces An All-New Brand 1920 1200 DAY Vision Marketing

Our team is excited to introduce you to the all new DAY Vision!

We may have recently rebranded, but our heart has stayed the same.

Branding is the key to leaving a memorable impression on your consumers. It’s the first thing they notice and it’s what they take away with them. Seems like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it? This is the moment we all realize it’s okay to need a little refreshing. Maybe there’s a shift in your focus and you want to let people know or maybe it’s just been a while!  Our approach is not just a linear step by step path to success. We are a team made up of unique strengths and experiences and we pulled from those to create this new, unique brand for ourselves that represents our mission.

Let us introduce you to the DAY Vision brand.

Everyone is on a journey. We’re all on this difficult and admittedly, sometimes risky, voyage to success. Navigating through this space is a hard thing, and no one should have to do it alone.

One of our favorite phrases in the office is “less is more”. While re-evaluating our own brand, we realized the core of who we are is more than just marketing. We are constantly growing and welcoming new partnerships and solving problems creatively. Marketing does not define us, but it is our specialty. That’s why we’ve removed it from our agency name. We are a family at our core, with a vision to change the word every day we come into work.

Take a look at the new symbol for our agency, The DAY Vision Compass. This is not just a logo for our agency, but also a representation of our purpose— we’re guides for brands.

Part One: The Base

The beginning of your journey starts at the bottom of the logo. There is a wide base which stands for exploration of ideas and endless opportunity. This vast space is where ideas become action; where experiences mold our path to success. This is where DAY Vision steps in. Maybe it’s the potential for an idea to become a full initiative, a sketch to become a finalized logo, or even a feeling being evoked through images in a clean multimedia campaign.

Part Two: The Apex

This is where those abstract ideas you have become reality. As the arrowhead comes together to the perfect point, we begin to refine our experiences and tailor what happens in our lives to the ideas we are presented. Everyone in our agency brings something different to the table and together our strengths help us to cover more ground. Our visions become concentrated and we continue on together in one direction. The final product is in place and results begin to present themselves.

Part Three: The Negative (but positive) Space

Always leave room for growth. The negative white space located in the foundation of our compass represents the open door we keep to allow for new opportunities. With open eyes, and open minds, we are ready to let life’s experiences influence us and move our partnerships forward on exciting expeditions.

On a Mission to Move the World

We all have journeys of our own. No one can do it alone, though. Our agency journey is continually propelled by a mission to make a positive impact in our communities and beyond – but without you, that is impossible. Your ideas are brilliant and we want to show the world all that you have to offer! We are here to help you reach new audiences by refining your branding, catching new sets of eyes with stunning new designs and multimedia, and helping your mission be heard through social postings and new initiatives. We’ll help guide you through this busy sphere of marketing and show the world what they just haven’t envisioned yet. You’ve got the ideas and we’ll help you get there. In the process we can move the world.