We Will


Campaign Mission

Gloria Gaynor, “Queen of Disco”, launched iwillsurvive.org as an e-commerce platform to benefit several diverse causes. Building the I Will Survive from the ground up would require many elements, including a video featuring the legend herself and a campaign to kick-start her giveback mission.

Campaign Summary

Perfectly representing Gloria Gaynor on film and within the campaign is an intense responsibility. The resulting campaign not only captures the magical “It factor” that Gloria brings to everything she does but introduces her new mission of philanthropy.

Campaign Methods

We put all of our giveback skills and knowledge to work as we successfully captured an inviting and personal message from Gloria Gaynor to promote survival and community. Her generous spirit was captured perfectly, accompanied by pieces of her life that define her philosophy of empowerment.

Campaign Results

Iwillsurvive.org is still going strong as it supports its community through positivity. Each item of apparel sold contributes financially to a deserving cause. New and returning members are greeted by the personal message from the amazing woman who made it all happen.