Stand Out,

Be Seen

Branding Mission

As an independent, full-service wholesale optical lab, Allentown Optical required a branding overhaul. They make sure that optical professionals are able to help their patients see better, but now they needed to be seen.

Branding Summary

The branding overhaul encompassed a crisp new logo, marketing and print materials, and a brand new on-brand website. Color and shape complement each other for a perfect representation of the brand.

Branding Methods

We channeled our creativity and donned imaginary lab coats to truly embrace the company’s identity. Allentown Optical clients include top eyecare professionals, so we made sure that everything they see reflects superior technological expertise and personalized customer service.

Branding Results

Everywhere Allentown Optical goes, digitally and in print, their brand goes with them. Easily recognized when they show up in your newsfeed, inbox, or mailbox, recipients are guaranteed the highest quality optical products and services.