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Right at Home

Branding Mission

A modern, luxurious community needs branding that evokes not only elegance but the comfort of home. Swan Residence is a new and evolving business, so their brand would need to stand the test of time as the company and community grow.

Branding Summary

Swan Residence’s graceful logo and branding elements grace a host of print materials, as well as an inviting, clean website. The first impressions are everything you would want as you walk into a new home — equally exquisite as it is serene.

Branding Methods

Building homes requires a strong foundation and so does building a brand. Piece by piece and brick by brick, we were able to take an idea and build it up into a beautifully executed brand.

Branding Results

As neighbors to this new community, we’ve watched it grow. We’re proud of the work we do, especially when it benefits local residents and businesses. Swan Residence’s gorgeous branding will continue to represent them as they grow and flourish.

“From the start of our community development project, DAY Vision has helped us every step of the way. From crafting our logo to designing our website to creating beautiful welcome folders and marketing material, they helped us increase brand awareness and generate leads for our new community.”

-Priya Atiyeh, Director of Operations