Marketing Trends for the Holiday Season

Marketing Trends for the Holiday Season

Marketing Trends for the Holiday Season 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

1. Go Mobile

Constant Contact’s Bottom Line: With more people than ever using smartphones to help inform their purchases, it’s important to think about mobile customers when looking at your website, emails, and other online communications. A slow-loading message could cost you business.

2. Consumer Feedback

Constant Contact’s Bottom Line: Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to customer feedback. Make sure you have a presence on Yelp! and other review sites. Encourage your happy customers to engage on these sites now before the holidays are in full swing. Pay attention to what customers are saying and interact with them to show you’re actively listening.

3. Email Still Sells More than Social Media

Constant Contact’s Bottom Line: With social media generating leads but not necessarily more business, it’s important to combine both email and social media marketing efforts to get the maximum return for all your hard work.

4. No Need for Sacrifices

Constant Contact’s Bottom Line: Think carefully about your promotion tactics and the terms of your deal. The real challenge is finding a deal that’s right for your business and figuring out how you’re going to tell people about it.

5. Relevant and Compelling Content

Constant Contact’s Bottom Line: Content marketing is all about creating useful content that allows customers to get to know, like, and trust you. This way when they’re looking to buy—during a time like the holidays—your business is the first they think of. Now’s the time to start writing that content and thinking about how to best distribute it.

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