We’re Obsessed

We’re Obsessed

We’re Obsessed 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

Details, even those passed over in a cursory glance, directly influence the success of a project. 
That’s why we’re obsessed with looking at every project under a microscope. Every detail matters. Getting the details consistent and correct is more important than ever to those working in the creative industry as consumers’ attention spans get shorter. Details influence an individual’s first impressions and guide his or her subsequent actions with a website, menu, or other marketing piece.

Think about it.
Imagine being on a website and hovering over a piece of text or an image. What would you expect to happen if that text or image linked to another page? Would it change color? To what color? Would it move? How? Would extra elements such as a border or bar appear? Would they disappear? These are the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis.

Now imagine that nothing happened when you hovered over this link.
Since hover changes usually indicate a link to another page or file, you’d probably find this lack of change is confusing. Although these changes are minute compared to the overall presentation of the rest of a website, they subconsciously have an impact on an individual’s experience.

A lack of detail may prompt an individual to pass on a product or article or even leave your site entirely.
A small detail such as the lack of change of a page or button link color can cost a business a potential consumer. Extrapolate this data and think of the effect this detail would have on business goals over the course of a few weeks or even a year.

For our team, the success of a design piece is in the attention to detail. It is our job to connect the audience to the design, whatever it may be, and it is through that interaction that a project thrives and directly correlates to the success of a business.

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