The Importance of Google Analytics to your website

The Importance of Google Analytics to your website

The Importance of Google Analytics to your website 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

If you have a website and you do not have analytics for it, it could mean one of two things. Either you don’t really know about it or you don’t care about the performance of your site. Let’s assume you do not know about analytics. Analytics is an online tool that is used to track your websites performance. Knowing what is happening with your website is key to having a successful site. Finding out how many visitors you get daily is important but it’s not the only thing analytics reports. Google Analytics gives you more valuable information about your site than any other service. Below I have gone over some of the valuable data Google Analytics supplies to you.

Internet browsers your visitors use. Knowing what browsers your visitors use helps a lot. When you know which browser most of your visitors use, you will be able to focus on that browser a little more than others. This allows you to make sure your website functions properly with that browser and does not have any compatibility issues.

The site your visitors came from. If you are posting links on other website for the SEO process, then you need to look at this to see if the links you posted are getting traffic to your site.

Visitor’s operating system. Another benefit to Google Analytics is that it allows you to view the operating system visitors are using. What happens often is the website you developed can sometimes only work properly on certain operating systems. Therefore, you have to make sure all your visitors can view the website from their operating system without issues.

How visitors found your site. Google Analytics shows you how the visitors landed on your site. Whether it’s from direct traffic (typing your domain name in the address bar), clicking on your site’s link from another site, a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad, or from a search engine result, Google Analytics will provide you with this data. Knowing how someone got to your site is one of the most important pieces of data.

Keywords visitors used to find your site. A crucial aspect of your SEO process is to find out what keywords your visitors are searching to find your site. You are on the right path when visitors are using the keywords you wanted them to use.

Google Analytics is an online tool that is used to track your websites performance, which every webmaster should be utilizing. It is crucial to make use of analytics, so you can know what browsers and operating systems your visitors are using, where they are coming from, how they found your site and what keywords they are using. This information will help you to modify and adapt your site according to your visitor patterns.

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