Snap Chat 2.0 is HUGE

Snap Chat 2.0 is HUGE

Snap Chat 2.0 is HUGE 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

As if I didn’t already spend enough time taking the ugliest selfies possible, today Snap Chat unveiled Chat 2.0.

Chat 2.0 gives you the ability to chat through text, video and voice with only a few taps on the app. The biggest update to the platform is the ability to video chat. Now you can send text, pictures and stickers during your call. According to Snap chat’s CEO, Evan Spiegel, the thought behind this major update was “we want to give users the ability to say what they want, how they want.”

Text chat also received a massive facelift with the ability to upload multiple pictures at once as well as sending active hyperlinks.

Another minor update made by Snapchat is the auto advancing of snap stories. Once a story ends the next will begin playing automatically. Sit back, relax and watch all the cool shit your friends are doing.

Snapchat has become more than just a photo sharing application. It has become a multi-media communication tool. This new update will open doors for monetization with live stories from major companies and discover channels that are filled with ads.

The latest version of Snapchat is currently available for download from iTunes and Google Play.

I need to get back to work…but first let me take a selfie!