Seven Reasons Why Building Your Brand is Crucial

Seven Reasons Why Building Your Brand is Crucial

Seven Reasons Why Building Your Brand is Crucial 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

When you think about branding you think about your logo, a catchy slogan and graphics, but it’s much more than that. Branding plays a part in every aspect of your business from your product or service all the way down to the customer experience. The main goal in your branding is to get people excited about working with you.

While your company may not be as large as Nike and their “Just Do It” campaign your branding startegy is just as important!

1. Build a Brand That Connects With Your Customers
Good brands connect with you visually, GREAT brands connect with you emotionally. When a customer engages with your company and products the goal is to give them what we call the “warm fuzzies”.
When a customer buys into your vision they become your brand ambassador. Ads can tell your story but your customer base lives it!

2. Stay On Track
When new goals and plans arise it is easy to get off track. Having a solid brand will keep you focused on fulfilling your company’s mission.

3. Motivate Your Employees
Establishing a clear brand startegy will keep your employees focused on the goals you have in place. Build a brand startegy that will motivate them to come to work everyday. Your company is as strong as those who work for you.

4. Build Expectations
When a customer buys your products they want to know what they’re getting. You should create a brand that clearly states who you are and what to expect when you interact with your brand.

5. You’re Not Like Every Other Company
Your brand should set you apart from your competitors. Why do you choose to buy a $40 t-shirt when you can get a t-shirt for $10 somewhere else? We buy into the story and the branding that company is telling us. Differentiate yourself by your product and customer service.

6. Build Your Brand Recognition
When you think of McDonalds you think of the golden M, When you think about Nike you think of the swoosh, this is brand recognition. When someone sees your logo they should be able to relate to it and pick it out from a crowd.This may take awhile but steady growth will help you build your brand recognition. Engage on social media and begin building your digital footprint.

7. Create a One of A Kind Experience
Everything from your product all the way down to your employees needs to be one of a kind. When a customer purchases your product or engages with your company you need to create a satisfactory experience. This one of a kind service will trickle down to excellent reviews, as well as returning customers and referals.

A strong brand won’t develop over night, keep at it and it will pay dividends in the long run. Building a brand is a marathon not a sprint!