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Campaign Mission

As the need for virtual compatibility for businesses increased through the Covid-19 Pandemic, the annual Highway Marine Boat Show needed to evolve to meet this unprecedented situation. We took on this challenge head-on a forged a plan to guide Highway Marine through this venture.

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Campaign Summary

The Highway Marine 2021 Boat show was a combination of virtual and in-person events. Due to a need for virtual at-home options for prospective customers and attendees, we had to devise and pitch a method for the Show to be experienced at home and did so by creating an entire video production of the boat show with both live and prerecorded segments and broadcasted it for 3 days on YouTube. To add to the event we also created a virtual version of the treasure chest giveaway featured at the boat show every year.

Campaign Methods

In this new economic environment, we needed to change up how we approach campaigns. Through careful planning and communications with Highway Marine, we generated customer engagement through tv and radio commercials, PPC, SEO, and emails.

Campaign Results

Months of work went into making the 2021 show the most profitable Highway Marine’s recent history. Including multiple content segments combined with a virtual prize game lead for an incredibly engaging show for virtual audiences. Atop this the RSVP and turn out for each scheduled in-person show floor made for a memorable experience where brand confidence was built with Highway marine and its annual boat show.