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Design Mission

Innovative Arts Academy, a charter school in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, needed a single piece of print marketing to encompass their entire mission and vision. In just a few pages of graphics and copy, it would also need to inform recipients of every benefit of attending the school.

Design Summary

The resulting marketing booklet concisely illustrates the school’s philosophy for success, curriculum, and educational strengths. Splashy illustrations, real-life photos of students and staff, and on-brand typography and design accompany informative and inspiring copy.

Design Methods

Having formed a long-term relationship with Innovative Arts Academy, we’re supportive of their vision to improve the lives of students. Using creativity inspired by the students who are actively learning about the arts, including graphic design, we were able to highlight the most important positive aspect of the school in a welcoming and visually stunning package.

Design Results

The colorful marketing booklet is often the first introduction to Innovative Arts Academy, and it carries that weight with uplifting positivity and a hopeful vision of the future. We’re proud to see IAA succeed in its mission of bettering the lives of students and the community, and humbled to be an integral part of that journey.