National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week 1500 1071 DAY Vision

We know, we know: There is a week or day dedicated to just about everyone and everything (Did you know that October is National Pizza Month?). But this week is National Customer Service Week, and it’s something we can ALL take a closer look at.

Just like in most areas of life, there will always be people that you can’t please. The key is to minimize the damage, when a customer thinks they’ve been wronged. The damage won’t be done by the person, whose future business may have been lost. The damage will be done when that person spreads the word. Don’t be defensive. The worst thing you can do is take offense and make it personal. Things will only escalate from there. Minimize the damage, control the situation, issue a mea culpa, and smooth everything over.
But don’t be in such a rush to erase the stain of a bad review or recommendation. Most businesses, especially restaurants, want to know about every review left about their restaurant. That’s not always necessary. According to Think Outside In, “Negative comments about your brand increase your credibility. They strip away the corporate sheen. They make you real. People respond better to things that are real.”

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