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How We Lit Up Our Client’s Holidays

How We Lit Up Our Client’s Holidays

How We Lit Up Our Client’s Holidays 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

Winter can be cold and dreary, but nothing gives you the warm-and-fuzzies like holiday lights.

Our goal with our client holiday packages this year was to make their holidays just a little bit brighter. How did we accomplish this? We created a DAY Vision branded holiday card focused on the one and only Rudolph, who is famous for his little red light-up nose.

Our holiday card was accompanied by branded DAY Vision organic soy candles, adding a sense of warmth and home to the package. Why candles? Not only are they a treat for multiple senses, but they last for quite some time, as opposed to a box of chocolates (which, let’s be realistic, don’t last long at all before they are gone!). Branded candles keep our name in front of our clients for as the aroma lasts.

To tie the holiday package together, our holiday campaign was carried through our online platforms, including social media and email marketing. But, all in all, the most important part of our holiday message was to genuinely give thanks to our amazing clients who allow us to be creative on a daily basis.