How Social Media Can Be Utilized In Small Businesses

How Social Media Can Be Utilized In Small Businesses

How Social Media Can Be Utilized In Small Businesses 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

In 2015, mobile devices have changed the online shopping landscape. Online shopping has become more social with the use of Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is also cashing in by releasing their “Buy it” button right on their app.

These new shopping trends are forcing small businesses to get creative. The mom & pop shops can now compete in the social media space with the bigger players in the market. Here are some tips small businesses should keep in mind with their social media strategy.

Build Relationships:

Social media is platform for relationship building. Businesses will be able to connect with their customers on a more personal level. In addition to promoting deals you can utilize social media to build brand ambassadors. Potential customers will react differently when their trusted friend, family member or colleague tells them about your brand.

Customer Service is KEY

Customers are no longer inclined to fill out a contact us form. They want immediate responses and what better platform to get their voices heard than social media? Stay proactive on customer service issues and look to build positive experiences for them.

Get Your Voice Heard

You can reach multiple people across multiple channels by the use of the all powerful “#”. For some this is a pound sign for others this is a hashtag. A hashtag filters posts for a specific topic. This will help you track your social media efforts as well as engaging people on certain topics.

Add an Online Store Directly On Social Media Platforms

Facebook and Pinterest have made it easier than ever to sell your products on social media. On Facebook customers have the ability to buy products without ever leaving your page.

By utilizing these tips you can provide a wonderful shopping experience for your customers and make an impact in your sales. Don’t be intimated by the big competitors go toe to toe with them and build a loyal customer base.