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Getting the basics of Facebook for Business.

Getting the basics of Facebook for Business.

Getting the basics of Facebook for Business. 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

Facebook is about connecting with people you already know and keeping your thoughts and day-to-day activities in front of them. With more and more people on Facebook, it is important to keep the information relevant, timely, and not over the top in terms of excessive content, being offensive, outspoken, or simply put, don’t post items your mother wouldn’t be proud of.

Like regular networking, it’s not just who you know, but who those people know and so on. With this, you want to keep your business in front of those who know you and can get referrals to you by who they know. Be proud of who you are and let your passion shine through your posts.

Some best practices on Facebook include:

  • Creating a Facebook fan page and publish daily content for Facebook fans.
  • Use it personally under your own name to connect with people and intertwine business information and links to your fan page, website or blog.
  • Post videos from YouTube.
  • List out property information such as descriptions, pricing, pictures, etc.

Posting 1-2 times a day on Facebook can achieve enough of a presence to let people you know that you are out there without creating too much of an overwhelming stir. This can be a mix of business and personal content. Don’t feel you always need to do both everyday. It has been said that publishing just before 9AM, just before noon, possibly around 4-4:30PM and again around 7:30-8PM are the times most people try to sneak away to be on social media and consume information.