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Dillan’s Voice

Dillan’s Voice

Dillan’s Voice 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

Apple recently launched an inspiring campaign for Autism Acceptance Month. The campaign is centered around Dillan, an autistic teen who learned to communicate his thoughts using an iPad.

Rather than trying to sell us on the amazing features and capabilities of the iPad, Apple has given their brand a personality. Storytelling marketing introduces the consumer to a real life problem and subsequently to a solution delivered by a product or service. In this case Dillan uses the iPad to turn his thoughts into speech. Watch the video above to see Dillan’s “life-changing ” story.

The goal of storytelling is to touch the viewer’s feelings. Emotional connections are difficult to achieve when a brand strictly tells their consumer base about their product’s new features. In this example, Apple entertains and inspires its audience without telling them to buy an iPad.

When developing a story for your brand, first find out how your goods or services will help your customers. Once you have this established you begin building your brand voice to elicit certain emotions from your viewers. Be sure to check out Dillan’s amazing journey in Apple’s “Dillan’s Voice Campaign.”