Daisy Cakes Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Daisy Cakes Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Daisy Cakes Sweepstakes Winners Announced 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

DAY Vision and Daisy Cakes are pleased to announce the winners of the Daisy Cakes Sweepstakes! Three lucky fans of Kim’s Daisy Cakes will have a cake of their choice shipped to them courtesy of DAY Vision. Winners were randomly selected from online entries, and asked to tell us why they deserved a free Daisy Cake
Vince A. of Pittsburgh, PA
Why Vince deserved a Daisy Cake: Vince received a new lease on life last year when he received a kidney transplant after three years on dialysis. Vince, an accountant for BNY-Mellon, suffers from the autoimmune disease Lupus, and has stayed upbeat in spite of a hip replacement in October and a knee replacement coming up this year. He’ll be receiving a Red Velvet Daisy Cake for his son, Kyle, who “tried it once, and we haven’t found a match.”

Sylvia M. of Fayetteville, NC
Why Sylvia deserved a Daisy Cake: Sylvia has 73 children! Well, she takes care of 73 children at the Cliffdale Community Church in Fayetteville, where she is the director of children’s ministry and handles much of the programming. Sylvia and her 73 kids will be receiving a Carrot Cake.

Don O. of Henderson, NV
Why Don deserved a Daisy Cake: Don’s mother made the cake for he and his wife’s wedding last November, but when they went on their honeymoon, they forgot to freeze the saved piece for the anniversary! Needless to say, the piece didn’t last until their return, but the Chocolate Daisy Cake he’ll be receiving will be a great surprise for Don and his whole family.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest for their support of Daisy Cakes!