The Creative Gene

The Creative Gene

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Professionals aren’t the only people allowed to be creative. Working in this industry, we often hear from friends and family the same “I’m not creative” whenever they see anything artistic or hear what we’ve been working on.

But the truth is, anyone can be creative. Creativity is about opening your mind, asking questions, and challenging the expected. It’s about facing your fears, taking risks, and solving problems in new ways. It’s about exploring and experimenting. It’s about having fun and changing your perspective.

That all might sound a bit overwhelming, so we’ve gathered a short list of things you can do to spark your creativity.

Try a simple art project.
When we think about creativity, we often think about fine arts, so let’s start there. Look to Pinterest to find inspiration for small and easy projects, such as melting crayons with a hairdryer or making mosaics out of paint sample cards. Impose rules to encourage you to think outside of the box. You can even search for DIY projects to spruce up your desk or living space. Don’t worry about what you’re making—just focus on having fun and you can’t go wrong! The possibilities are endless.

Go for a walk.
This might not sound creative, but trust us, it helps. Getting outside will help give you new perspectives on things you might otherwise be missing while sitting inside all day. Explore new places. Make it a daily goal to notice one new thing everyday. Be sure to take your phone with you to snap a few pictures of your trip!

People watch.
This activity is common for writers, but anyone can do it. Go to a public place: the mall, a park, or even your local coffee shop are perfect places to start. Sit at a distance where you can’t hear your subject and start making up his or her back story. Bring a friend and take turns adding to the story!

Keep a journal.
The blank page may be daunting, but remember that a journal isn’t just for writing the next great American novel. Write lists, make doodles, play Dots, or use it to test out the shades of all the writing utensils at your desk. Google different journal prompts for more ideas or check out books like Wreck this Journal to help get you started.

Drive a different way to work.
While routines can be extremely helpful, sometimes we need to shake it up a bit. Science says that routines cause us to use the same neurons over and over again, but breaking those routines can help lead to new connections and ideas. So get in the car and turn left instead of right. Find a different path to get to your destination—just make sure you leave early enough!

Meet new people.
While meeting new people can be intimidating or scary, it can also lead to new thoughts, ideas, hobbies, and friendships. When you challenge yourself to get out there and meet new people, you open up the door to endless opportunities for further creative inspiration. Our suggestion? Find an event you think is interesting and start talking! Whether it’s a cooking class, a book club, or a farmer’s market, you’ll be amazed at who you’ll meet and how you can inspire each other.

How else do you stay creative? Let us know!