Business Tip #44 – Logos

Business Tip #44 – Logos

Business Tip #44 – Logos 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

#44: Logos – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Your business can have a terrific name and a solid marketing plan in place, but if your logo doesn’t match the look and feel of the company, you could be in trouble. A well-designed logo can make (or break) a young business.

Now no one is asking you to duplicate the success of Nike’s swoosh or the McDonald’s arch, but there are documented studies of consumers making decisions based on a company’s logo. Eaters choose certain restaurants based on their logo, font, and design. released their top-10 tips for designing a successful business logo. Click the link to learn more about each…

* Make it Memorable
* Choose your Colors Wisely
* Keep it Unique
* Versatility Pays Dividends
* Relevance – Keep your Products and Services in Mind
* Adaptability – Be Ready for Change
* Vector is Better
* Logo Longevity – Think Ahead!
* Engage your Audience
* Keep it Simple!

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