Business Tip #41 – Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Business Tip #41 – Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Business Tip #41 – Pay-Per-Click Campaigns 1500 1071 DAY Vision

#41: Pay-Per-Click Campaigns – Billboards, public signs, and event sponsorships: Can they be effectively used to spread the word about your business? Absolutely. But the return-on-investment is often hard to calculate. Hence, the rising popularity of pay-per-click programs with sites like Google and Facebook.

If you read business tip # 44 you’ll know the importance of a good logo for your business. We want to expose the public to this logo as many times, in as many places as possible. Facebook ads are the perfect place for this. You set the parameters of who the ad will show up to: Age, location (by zip code), demographic, etc.. Here’s the win-win for you – If someone clicks on your ad, they are a qualified customer based on your settings, and a genuine qualified lead which could turn into a sale. If no one clicks on the ad, you don’t pay a dime. That logo will continue to display on a loop, and will slowly become engrained in people’s periphery. The more it repeats, the more brand recognition you’ll receive. If people click, great! If not, you’re still gaining valuable exposure.

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