John Lewis’ #ManOnTheMoon

John Lewis’ #ManOnTheMoon

John Lewis’ #ManOnTheMoon 1500 1071 DAY Vision Marketing

This month John Lewis has partnered up with Age UK for a brilliant, long lasting Advert campaign. The #ManOnTheMoon campaign was created to help fund Age UK. Age UK helps senior citizens combat loniliness through friendship and companionship. Over 1 million seniors go a month without talking to anyone. This Christmas they want to change that.

The video pulls at your heart strings with Lily, looking out through her family’s telescopse one night and she is amazed with what she finds…#ManOnTheMoon. Her mission throughout the video is to let this man know that someone down on earth is thinking of him.

Overall, this campaign was well done. They have implemented a social media aspect by using #ManOnTheMoon. They have also created an app for your phone as well as campaign specific merchandise. To learn more about the #ManOnTheMoon click here

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