Out of this


Website Mission

A “star” in the world of cast iron cooking, Stargazer Cast Iron Skillets was in need of a new website. Products are at the forefront, but the warm design evokes the feeling of a night by the campfire.

Website Summary

A seamless shopping experience makes buying a Stargazer Skillet simple and rewarding. The website helps customers elevate their cast iron cooking as they buy into a heavenly brand experience.

Website Methods

We looked to the heavens and the stars aligned as we designed and developed an e-commerce website that beautifully presents Stargazer and their mission. We utilized their unique story to further enhance the company and their exceptional products.

Website Results

Superior product representation and a clear brand vision complement one another in a modern, eye-catching design. Established cast iron enthusiasts and new converts flock to this brand, proudly made in the USA.