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A Community

Of Care

Website Mission

Sacred Heart makes each and every little moment comfortable and easy for its residents. Their website needed to function with the same comfortability and ease for the users. Considering senior living is a big step, so we worked to make it a simple one.

Website Summary

We needed to make sure Sacred Heart’s website is just as welcoming and personal as they are with their services in person. No matter what users are searching for, the idea that their loved one will be well taken care of is reinforced by the organized, carefully crafted website that embodies who Sacred Heart really is

Website Methods

As creatives and developers, we approached this web design through Sacred Heart’s mission of providing their residents with a well-rounded experience each day. By including photo and video content, strong design, and user experience, we were able to provide their users with the same well-rounded experiences that you would get in person, through their website.

Website Results

If a website could reach its arms out and bring its users into a warm welcoming hug, Sacred Heart’s would be the one to do it. When users are looking for a safe and loving place for their loved ones to reside, Sacred Heart makes that promise through their new design.