Life Saving

Website Mission

Hemoblast Bellows is a product from Biom’up, a developer of hemostatic medical products, with the potential to quickly aid critical surgical procedures. Our mission was to design a website that provides comprehensive, easy-to-digest information on the product and communicate why it is important to the medical industry.

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Website Summary

To describe the product and procedures when applying it, Hemoblast required a clean, effective design. When lives are on the line, accurate information is the main priority. The website provides a clear and concise knowledge base to build user confidence and to drive future orders.

Website Methods

As creatives and developers, we know the importance of being thorough. With this in mind, we maintained a high level of design scrutiny throughout the process. Color, font, dynamic elements, balance, and accuracy were held at the forefront of this design to create the best foundation for conveying critical information.

Website Results

Hemoblast is leading the industry with its technologies and it’s only fitting we delivered a cutting edge and dynamic design to truly capture that. When the user visits this site they immediately know this tool is not only life-saving but a frontrunner in its capabilities.