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Website Mission

GBB & Co. is a financial agency dedicated to making people’s lives easier through money management and tax organization. With that in mind, it was our job to redesign their website with the same level of helpfulness and ease of use.

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Website Summary

Our goal was to take an enormous amount of information and organize it into a thoughtful layout. Through site mapping and communication with GBB we came to a design that presents all the needed data while being clear, concise, and easy to navigate.

Website Methods

Websites that bring a lot of information to the table can prove to be a challenge to organize in a way the user can navigate, but we like a challenge. We researched competitors, went through multiple navigation layout tests, and devised a strategy to present all the services GBB offers in a way the average user can quickly digest and feel confident while navigating.

Website Results

GBB & Co. pride themselves on the standards of their company and we’re proud to have made a website that exceeds them. Our time spent working through the design process with diligent input from GBB led to a professional and effective website. We know this new site will be the backbone to their online presence and support their company to it’s fullest.