Tooling Efficiency Evolution

Electric City Tooling, a leading provider of top-quality earth drilling tools, emergency services, and expert repairs for the foundation, construction, and utility industries, sought a contemporary website to highlight their specialized services and industry expertise. We delivered a clean, informative, and visually engaging online platform, showcasing their products for rental and sales and providing custom tooling options.

Website Summary

Electric City Tooling (ECT) offers a wide array of services tailored for small businesses in the foundation, construction, and utility sectors. Their extensive inventory features a variety of used augers, core barrels, and other essential foundation tooling, all proudly manufactured in America. Clients have the flexibility to rent or purchase these tools according to their needs. Additionally, ECT provides reliable emergency services, ensuring prompt pickup or delivery of equipment and tools within a 300-mile radius of Scranton, PA. This commitment to timely service and quality products makes ECT a trusted partner for businesses in these critical industries.

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