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It’s Game


Project Mission

Trained in the Art of Chaos is a startup fitness brand with an intense product line and even more intense goals. They needed a game plan for web design and a social media strategy that would properly introduce the brand’s mission to the fitness world.

Project Summary

From the moment users dive into Chaos’ content, they instantly know what this new brand is all about. The use of bold language, energizing design, and the movement and flow of the page match what Trained in the Art of Chaos stands for.

Project Methods

In comparison to the fast-paced energy embodied on the site and social, building a site from scratch takes careful planning and strategy. Each day we worked to building a different digital “muscle”, making each page stronger as we aimed for success. We curated content like a true workout – first warming up the message, then the heavy lifting with functional design, and finishing off with the final sprint on social media to get the message out into the world.

Project Results

Trained in the Art of Chaos has developed its own personality within the fitness world. Chaos is constantly on the move filling orders, answering engagements, and motivating their followers. Their website and social media has taken them to an all-new level, making the brand stronger than ever.